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Edinburgh is a rather hilly city in Scotland. Unicycling there might not be the easiest, but numerous parks and the fascinating surrounding areas make the city even more interesting and challenging.

Where in Edinburgh can one unicycle? Edit

  • Scottish Unicycling Club (Edinburgh and Glasgow): Meetings Tuesday Nights, Trial and Street[1]
  • Voodoo Unicycles: Trials, Street, Muni[2]

Taking your unicycle on the public transport system in Edinburgh Edit

Buses Edit

Lothian BusesEdit

On a visit to Edinburgh with a 20 inch unicycle in December 2012, three out of four bus drivers accepted the unicycle on the bus. After requiring about the terms of transport for unicycles on Lothian Buses, the following email explained the situation:

"With regards to your specific mode of transport it would relate to the size of the unicycle and whether the cycle could be carried in a suitable carrier bag and safely stored on the vehicle. If it is of a small size then I can see no problem. The Company have to ensure that passengers safety is not at risk when allowing items on their vehicles. The ultimate decision lies with the driver but your cycle would have to be carried in a suitable bag."

Tram Edit

A tram system is being built in Edinburgh (2013) running from the airport via Princess Street to York Place. The project is unlikely to be finished before 2014[3].

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See Category:Route in Edinburgh

Sources Edit

  3. BBC News: Tram project could be delayed