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The Berlin Wall Trail is a bicycle and hiking track, which according to the official website[1] has been realised between 2002 and 2006. It mainly follows the course of the Berlin Wall for a distance of about 160 km.

The Berlin Wall Trail is marked with signs like the one above. Several information panels along the track provide information about the history of the Berlin Wall.

The Senat's Office of Berlin has worked out 14 part tracks, whose start and end points are accessible via public transport. However, those routes have been optimesed for bicycles and might be too challenging for unicyclists.

Due to historical reasons, several parts of the trail are in innercity areas, which makes it less appealing and easy to ride for unicyclists.


The map shows the course of the Berlin Wall in black. To see the Berlin Wall Trail, choose OpenCycleMap as the default map provider. The Berlin Wall Trail will be displayed as a light blue line with the abbreviation "Mau".

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Berlin Wall Trail
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